Book Launch and Promotion Strategy

Marketing On Purpose

You've dedicated your time & energy, your heart & soul to getting your story out. The ups, the downs, the heartache, and the joy have all been worth it. You've birthed your passion project…..Your story is on paper to influence the entire world.

Now that it's complete, it deserves a bit of a celebration, don't you think? You deserve a bit of a celebration for accomplishing this amazing task!

You're here because you struggle with marketing, am I right?

Well sure, let's celebrate,...but don't forget, there's still work to be done. Now, you have to tell the world about it. Everywhere. All the time. Promoting yourself is on your top 5 list of least favorite thing to do.

Just the thought of “having to” almost sends you into panic mode. And if you’re honest about it all, you’re a bit tired of living, eating, breathing, sleeping this book project, every single day and have thought if outsourcing this part just makes the most sense? The truth of the matter is you really just want to be able to keep writing I right?

Time to make the doughnuts

If your life is anything like mine, you finally have a single moment to breathe before your head hits the pillow. Then you realize…..

                                    "I haven't done a single thing to promote my book today...AGAIN!"

"Wait, when was the last time I wrote a blog post? Sent an email about it?"

"When was the last time I connected with my readers?"

"And where can I possibly fit one more thing into my busy schedule of family, kids, work, house, volunteering???"

How would it feel if you could work with someone 

who shares your voice and vision?

Your launch is your book’s celebratory introduction to the world…..A birthing.. A launch gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an author. It’s your time to express your passions and explain how pressing your platform is. My role is to help you share your message far beyond,

This is a partnership. Not a silent one.

This is where I come in. 

I bring an eclectic blend of personal branding prowess, strategic guerrilla marketing, and a purse full of creativity to our strategy sessions and campaign design. Together, we’ll design a finely tuned 90 day plan that will make your heart smile.

"But I hate marketing."

I do too. Seriously. I hate calling myself a marketing anything. Marketing people are extroverted, outgoing, life of the party people. I am NOT one of those people. I've always been the one that appreciates my alone time. I'm the strong, silent type. I'm the support. The fixer. I'm the rule maker, document taker.

That has worked in my favor when working in a partnership. My partner was strong when I was weak and vice versa. Working individually, I had to find another way to get my product in hands. I was confident enough about my product that my goal was simply to get it in their hands, and let the rest of the magic work. It worked.

The product line I started in 2009 was retailed internationally. Between 2013 and 2015, It was featured in Hype Hair Magazine, Jones Magazine, Juicy Magazine, and a handful of others. It was truly my heart's passion; it was an extension of me.

So when I fell apart, so did the business. Not for lack of planning. I had a revised plan to keep the business going. I became paralyzed at the mere thought of anything related to the business The physical and emotional fatigue and pain of it all pushed me beyond the ability to successfully manage any of it. I put my business 'on hiatus in early 2015. I returned to the workforce briefly in fall 2015, only to come to the acceptance that working in a traditional corporate is more than I can handle.

A year later, I landed a role with a marketing automation consultancy as an implementation project manager. I loved the work! It was a marriage of the 15 years in the IT industry and 9 years of successful entrepreneurship.

I know what it's like to want to invest in your own thing.

I found myself challenged. Pleasantly at first, but as the honeymoon wore off, the job became increasingly stressful. As the toxicity of the environment increased, my anxiety flared, my frustration grew, and my patience dissipated. After all, I was created to be an entrepreneur, wasn’t I?

My coping methods were far from healthy, and combined with an improper medication regime, I unknowingly snowballed into a raving, raging, rebel. Resigning from my job to focus on my health, starting my new life as a digital strategist...

... didn't lead to the dissipation of my erratic behavior, however. Unaware of what was wrong, but very clear that SOMETHING was wrong, my husband was extremely concerned.and helped seek treatment for me.

It took a breakdown, complete with a short hospital stay, to get me to reevaluate, readjust, and reprioritize much of my life... and discover a misdiagnosis.

No one is unbreakable. I broke. 

And I put myself back together again.

I walked through my own personal hell, in order to walk into my purpose: Helping others like myself, the loners, the awkward, the shy, the scared, the unsure. 

Those that are still in the fight because they believe:

My path has purpose.

My pain has purpose.

My passion has purpose.

I've spent the past 12 months proving to myself that I know what I know, that I am an experienced expert, and that I am enough.

Like each of us, I’m Flawed. Chipped. A bit scuffed, and a bit hardened. But still amazing, strong, and shiny. 

I battled Impostor Syndrome simultaneously helping authors find their own way. I'd forgotten who I am and what I'd already accomplished. I've spent the past 12 months proving to myself that I know what I know, that I am an experienced expert, and that I am enough. 

With the dust now settled, I've taken to settling comfortably and confidently into the role of my lifetime now; working with indie non fiction authors, storytellers, and publishers; taking their publishing and promotional goals and marrying them with marketing and promotional strategies that are within much of their comfort zone, pushing them slightly out of their box, one step at a time. I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs get their story out….I’ve helped them share their passions and turn it into their purpose.

I want you to experience passion in your promotions.

Personal Painless Promotion Plan

Your strategy plan will expand upon the results of your marketing analysis review, coupled with our conversations about your goals, and outline a path from complete with actionable steps that you (or your assistant) can carry out to get your project through publishing, into a prelaunch campaign, followed by a launch complete with the pomp and circumstance it deserves.

Typical launch campaigns use a combination of email, social media, and content to build anticipation for your launch. A virtual book tour introduces you and your project to a new set of readers, amplifying your audience. Your platform is developed into a sales page that continues to draw your reader in. Your plan is infused with your passion, your personality, as painlessly as possible. Why? 

Because there's nothing typical about the dreams and passion that have gone into your book.

Because no plan is foolproof, you will also have unlimited email access to me for

strategic support of carrying out the plan.

Strategic Support

Have ideas you want to bounce off me?

Need an extra set of eyes to review your content?

Feeling stuck? 

Strategic Support gives you unlimited email access to me, as well as two 15 minute video chats per month.

You have unlimited email access to me for 90 days!

That's three entire months where I'm just an email away! Think of me as your promotional concierge. 

Did I mention this support is exclusive to existing clients only? 

Persona Development

"Who is your ideal reader? If I asked you, could you tell me? "

Do you know exactly who she is? What does she like? What does she need? Where does she work, play, shop, hang out? What doesn't make her happy? Is she low key or high energy? What does she care most about? Where does she spend her time online? 

Passion is hard to contain, much less define, and taking the time to clearly define exactly who your reader is boring. Often, we dive into writing the book we want to write, without an intended audience.

"What?! The boring thing?" 

Oh come on, you know it's boring. That's why it rarely happens unless someone comes along that can coax the ideas out of you and translate them into a persona. You were thinking it, I just said it for you.

By the way, reverse engineering a persona is the complete opposite of boring. I gotta be honest, It's a hell of a challenge. But I love ya'll, so for now it's included in the package.  It may disappear in 2018. We'll see.

This means, you have a marketing strategist that is already versed in your project, your personality, and your plans at your fingertips! 

What's it like working with me?

Michelle Ngome


"My strategy session with Tyrika was AMAZING!! Not only was she able to pull out various ideas out of my head, we were able to outline the details. We streamlined my next book as well as the complimentary products and services. I encourage any serious author to work with Tyrika if they are ready to elevate their personal brand."

Author of Sucess Undefine and Network, Navigate, and Nurture

Kimberly A. Patrick


“Working with Tyrika has been amazing. She has helped me put together and executive a marketing plan for my newly written book. She is very good at project management and has helped me create systems in my business. I am so thankful that she has come into my life and I do not know what I would do without her help. "

Author of Dare to Be More, Founder & Entrepreneur


Let me help you. Don’t let your passive prayers be your promotion plan.

I would LOVE to show you how to NOT despise marketing.  You'll have the pressure of figuring out what to do, how to do it, and will it work, lifted from your shoulders and unlimited email access to me supporting you every step of the way.

Let's start with a pressure free 30 minute analysis and virtual strategy session on me.  Based on our conversation, we'll uncover your goals and you'll walk away with a report detailing an 8 point analysis of your current state, noted areas of improvement. 3 - 5 actionable steps you can take immediately to start reaching your goals.